Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few Pics of Baby Clay!

I apologize for not updating my blog recently, so to make up for it I've posted random photos of baby clay as he's continuously growing!

Clays baby bouncer that he was still too small for... hints the books underneath! This was about a month ago. Needless to say he is big enough now! ha ha

D.J. being D.J. and holding Clay on the ledge. I promise were not bad parents!

Dad and Clay relaxing in grandma and grandpa's hot tub :) Clay is our water baby!

Dad always knows how to make Clay laugh!

Sweet Moments!

Easter Get Together

These are a few pictures of our family get together for Easter. We celebrated Easter this year on Saturday with Neally's side of the family and had a Easter dinner w/ D.J.'s family on Sunday :) It was so beautiful out this day and perfect for the kids Easter egg hunt.

Clay surrounded with his Easter Bunny gifts from various family members. AKA... Grandma!

Clay trying out his stroller while the kids hunted for eggs.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Pictures

These are a few of our family pictures that were taken recently. I think they turned out great. I was very impressed and am so proud to have such a beautiful family.

Baby Clayton not too happy to have his pictures taken. This is actually one of my favorite pictures.

What a handsome man.... like his daddy!

My Boys

Together At Last!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Little Bear

Here is Clayton in his bear snow suit. We were heading out to Grandma Great's house and needed to bundle up due to the nasty weather out. Dosn't he look so cute!

Bath Time

Clayton has been enjoying his baths now that we can submerge his little body since his umbilical cord has fallen off. Here is a photo of him after his tubby time in his puppy towel. We have really enjoyed being parents so far.

Trying out the Crib

D.J. thought it would be funny to put his wife in his son's crib the other day. I was unable to get out myself without breaking Clayton's beautiful crib so I was stuck just waiting for D.J. to get me out. He thought this was awfully funny, I not so much.

Getting into things

D.J. brought Clay to me one day with powdered sugar covering his face. D.J. claims Clayton got into our "puppy chow chex mix" and was caught with the evidence on his face. I, however, think D.J. set him up and put the powerdered sugar on himself. :) ha ha I thought this was cute photos of baby clay.